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  • OpenMMORPG (DBPRO)  v.44RPG toolkit, engine, and series of games using Dark Basic Professional and easily customized by altering scripts and parser ...
  • X Model Viewer  v.5.1The program is intended for viewing with 3D models in the Direct (X) format | *. X | Other compatible formats include: 3DS Max Format (* .3ds) Dark Basic Model Format (*. Dbo) MDL Model Format (*. Mdl) MDL2 Model Format (*. Mdl2) MDL3 Model Format ...
  • WaffleFPS  v.1Open source FPS using Dark Basic Pro. Includes a level editor. This game does not require any special procedures or licenses to compile or play.
  • Muhha! The open source GPU compiler.  v.1.0Muhha is a GPU compiler/interpreter for Mac, Windows and Unix. Compiles 3D graphics for OpenGL and DirectX9 and is compatible with Blender, ORGE, PoserPython, Collada and Dark Basic programming. Powered by KomodoEdit and .NET.
  • PlayBasic  v.1.01PlayBasic is game creation language for windows. Made for beginners, but powerful enough to produce exciting games. Play includes as many built in features as possible. Letting you focus on making games and not the complex techniques behind it.
  • Gravity Force X  v.1.0A remake of 1994 Amiga game "Gravity Force 2" (GF2), a two player, realtime versus game crossing the destructible bitmap level of "Worms" with the flight mechanics of "Thrust". The core mechanics and appearance of this ...
  • Gothic Plugin [dark/grainy plugin for Photoshop]  v.1.7Dark / gothic / grained plugin for Photoshop / psp / painter and many others Plugin includes:Dark gloomy basic effect with blurring and noise and image threshold settingsColor settingsImage warping optionColor factor settings77 output modes such as ...
  • The Dark Realm MUD Server  v.1.00.0008The Dark Realm MUD Server is an open-source server designed in Visual Basic to give users a fun, easy way to explore a world, interact with each other, and just adventure ...
  • L-Basic  v.1.23L-Basic is a Basic language tutorial program. L-Basic emphasizes teaching proper Basic programming concepts rather than how to use visual controls. L-Basic will help you understand how to program in the most popular versions of the Basic language.
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